Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bathing suit shopping

I just got back from bathing suit shopping. Geoff has always complained that I buy my suits too big which makes me have "dump butt", as he calls it. So after 4 years of hearing him complain about my dump butt I made him come with me to bathing suit shop. Happily, I found 3 bathing suits at Ross for a small price of $40 total! Whoohooo! Of course this was after a painstaking hour (at least) in Nordstrom's Rack and Old Navy looking for the perfect suit.
Anyways, today's adventure got me thinking a lot about WHY bathing suits don't fit well. For the most part I'd say my body is pretty average for my size - meaning, I'm pretty proportional (okay, my girls are a little on the larger side) and finding clothes isn't too difficult. So, why in the world do I have such a hard time shopping for bathing suits? Is it because my body is just SO different, or is it because the suits out there are not made for REAL woman??
Also, is there something with the lighting in the dressing rooms? It seemed like every stretch mark and fat over hang was WAY more visible then normal. Ross stores do not let you try on bathing suits in the store. At first I was super annoyed by this and almost left with nothing. I decided to get the three suits and figured I'd return whichever didn't work out. It ended up being a blessing that I couldn't try on the suits because I could try them on in my own room with natural lighting!
Whew... what a day... I need a glass of wine.


Melissa Moore said...

OMG, the first sentence of your blog made me laugh because that is EXACTLY what my husband and sister say about my swim suits. I too found a suit at Ross and the first question my hubby asked me when I got home was..."Does the butt fit right? or is it too big like usual?" Swim suits are not made for real women.

Paul said...

Well I must say,of all the misery I've had with bathing suits, having the butt be too big has not been part of it! Consider yourselves lucky ladies!
Bummy Mummy