Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last weekend I went on a play date with my friend Jill and her one year old, Brooklyn. Isn't she ADORABLE?! It's fun to see how much she grows and learns each day.... she's spunky and super fun to play with! I hope she thinks the same of about me. :-)
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

More pics....

I wanted to add a few pics onto my last post. Looking back at the pictures I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends supporting Geoff and I in this wild and crazy adventure of marriage! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone... but here are a few good ones!

My dad gave a very touching toast to me and Geoff.

My girls (and my sis!)

The Pease's and The Abodeely's.... aren't we lucky!?

The whole Abo family together! It doesn't happen often.... but it's so special when it does! 2009 is quite a year for us!

Yummy spread!

My dearest girlfriends from college - Alison and Stacey.


Ok, I've been a bad blogger. There has been a ton of stuff going on and I know I'm going to forget to talk about things! Before I start, I'm home sick today (ugh!) so I have to apologize because my head is a bit fuzzy and I'm sure this post won't be the best. I'll try not to write too much and put up mostly pictures!
The biggest event** since I posted last was heading to Seattle for a long weekend for our engagement party! My whole family was in town and Geoff's mom, step-dad and brother came also. It was a love filled, fast paced, totally exciting weekend! We also celebrated Abo family Christmas - you gotta love Christmas in January!

Anne, my dear childhood friend, flew in from Arizona for the weekend to celebrate with me and Geoff. It was so wonderful to spend the day with Anne and celebrate with her on Saturday night. It's amazing how you can not see someone for years and instantly be back to being close friends, like we've never missed a minute together.

The in-laws walking the streets of Seattle!

Me and Mom at Macy's.... of course there was registry touch-ups that only Mom's can help with!

Our engagement party!

HAVE I TOLD YOU THE EXCITING NEW!?!?!? JJ and Piper are pregnant and I'm going to be a real AUNT for the first time! Baby boy Abodeely is due May 21 and I know the two of them are going to be the most amazing parents.... I hope they are prepared for the amount of spoiling involved with the FIRST grandbaby!

**Of course, the biggest event was the swearing in of our new PRESIDENT, Barack Obama!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The holidays... in pictures!

I hope all my dear readers had a fabulous holiday season! It's hard to believe that the celebrations are over (atleast for awhile!) and we are 5 days into 2009! It's gonna be a GOOOOOD year! ;-)

We spent this Christmas with Geoff's family and it was nice to stay local and take part in Beckstrom/Pease family traditions. I feel so blessed to have such fabulous in-laws and I look forward to many more holidays to come with the family!

Christmas Eve dinner.... Preparing the butter molds for my (once again) delish Aunt Jo rolls.

Christmas morning at Barbara's house.... check out those dutch babies! Yummmm.

Geoff's brother gave us pig pot holders that we registered for - it was a great surprise to get them early!

The stocking in the middle with the stripes was a gift to me from Mo (Geoff's sis).
It made me :-)

We rang in the New Year at Cassandra's house with some friends.

(Geoff later regretted this move!)

New Years with my fiance! I get to marry this man... I'm pretty lucky! :-)

Look out!