Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just lovin' life

(First off, remember when I used to blog about things OTHER than baby? Ya, me neither.)

We have been having so much fun the last few weeks! Every day I am adding to our list of fun things I want to do with Eliana before I have to go back to work :( Sigh. Let's not talk about that now.

Our days continue to be filled with play dates, coffee dates, (I REALLY need to STOP buying coffee), stroller runs/walks and best of all lots of kisses, giggles, smiles and snuggles.

Eliana rarely falls asleep on me... it was heavenly!

Eliana's newest trick is sitting up on her own! She is so proud of herself and loves to play with her toys while sitting. I would say it's her favorite position but she still really loves being on her back playing with her toes. In fact, sometimes if she is in a bad mood I take her socks off and put her on her back... she becomes a much happier girl!

Sitting with daddy, playing the guitar before bed.
We signed up for 4 classes of Gymboree play & music from a groupon that I bought. We went with 4 of our friends & had a great time. It's super cheesy but we had a good time and are looking forward to our next class.

Eliana & mommy enjoying the bubbles after the parachute fun!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

First solid

A few days after her 6 month birthday we gave Eliana her first bite of solid food! We decided to start with Avocado (mixed with breastmilk)... I mean, who doesn't like Avocado?! Well, apparently this child...

Here is where I insert a cute picture of Eliana warming up to and loving her first food. Nope. Never really happened. Today is day 4 of Avocado and she is a little more excited about it all. I'll give it another day or two then move on to another food. It's hard to tell at this point if she just isn't sure about the whole eating thing, or if she just doesn't like Avocado. Either way, we are having fun with it and not putting any pressure on her (or us). She's still got plenty of the good stuff flowing ;-)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life of a SAHM

I had to take a picture. Yes, that's a breast pad.

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