Sunday, January 23, 2011

My girl

I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted about Kaira! We continue to have play dates and I'm so amazed but how much of a little girl she is now. She is so fun to be with, getting more independent and just LOVES being with me and Geoff!

Today we had some lunch with our friends Trip, Joy and Kieran and after a long walk we hung around the house playing with all the hand-me-down toys that have been given to us! Love her!

3rd trimester!

We're sailing into 3rd trimester and I'm feeling great! Baby girl continues to be doing her somersaults and staying active. As the weeks go on I'm feeling much more pregnant (I guess this is a good thing!) and have to just laugh at myself when I do things like nearly fall over when picking up one foot to put my pants on. Thankfully not much to report - feeling good, healthy and energized.

Here we are; 27 weeks! (Geoff said "give me attitude in this pic". I think I gave him my best creeper look!)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Check it out. Fun to see what's goin' on in your 'hood!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So impressive

My nephew is amazing! What a little man! Can't WAIT to see him in February.

Our crib!

I came home the other day to a wonderful surprise ~ hubby was putting together baby girl's crib! We bought it way back on Cyber Monday because it was on major sale and it ended up being a wonderful Christmas gift from Geoff's mom and step-dad. Sweetest. It had been sitting in the box cluttering the room for almost two months so it was so lovely to come home to this surprise.

It's finished!

And as you can see we have a nice pile of hand-me-downs and gifts awaiting baby girl's arrival. I can't wait to get this room in order and now we are one step closer!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Growing baby

Baby and I are doing great! Feeling really good - infact, I have very minimal to report on. For awhile my hip and back were bothering me and after meeting with my midwife and going over my posture, I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better. As long as keep focused on good posture and walking correctly I notice that my body feels a TON better.

I can tell baby girl is growing and getting strong everyday! Some days I wonder if she sleeps AT ALL because it feels like she is constantly moving around. I must say I absolutely love it! (Except for what seems like a good elbow to my vagina ~ I could live without those!)

Geoff feels her all the time and we watch her dance around. She especially loves when I talk to her and when her dad tells her secrets. :-)

Here's a shot of me in all my glory - a day at the beach. She LOVED the sun, just like her mama!

A pic before going out last night (25 weeks)


Sleepy Beckstroms

After getting home around 11pm on Sunday and waking up at 6am on Monday we knew it would be the start of a very long week ~ and we were right! It was busy at work and we just never seemed to catch up on anything. Luckily we had some free time this weekend to pay the bills and get the house organized a bit. I was finally able to go through all of the ADORABLE and sweet Christmas cards from friends and family. Thank you everyone! As you probably figured out, we didn't send a card this year. We figured we'd save a tree or two and wait to send out our well wishes with our baby announcement once our little princess joins us! Anyways, it was nice to have a weekend at home to get our heads back on straight and catch up on some sleep.

Last night we met up with our dear friends who were in town for one short evening. It was great to have dinner together and we really wish Brian and Steph lived here! Great people.

Brian, Geoff & I at dinner

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a vacay...

We had 2 blissful weeks in Mexico and we're happy to be home and back to the grind - well the working part sucks, but being home sure is nice.

We spent the first week exploring inland and REALLY loved soaking up Mexican culture, the people, food and the sights. A beautiful part of the country and a perfect place to explore.

The second week was mostly relaxation - my dear friend gave us a week at her time share and we were living in style in our one bedroom apartment. We did more exploring, beach laying and of course, eating.

All in all it was a GREAT trip and a perfect way to finish our travels with just the two of us. Geoff was making a list of things we want to remember to bring on our next trip and he added "baby". Cute.

I'll post more about how baby and mommy are doing...