Sunday, January 23, 2011

3rd trimester!

We're sailing into 3rd trimester and I'm feeling great! Baby girl continues to be doing her somersaults and staying active. As the weeks go on I'm feeling much more pregnant (I guess this is a good thing!) and have to just laugh at myself when I do things like nearly fall over when picking up one foot to put my pants on. Thankfully not much to report - feeling good, healthy and energized.

Here we are; 27 weeks! (Geoff said "give me attitude in this pic". I think I gave him my best creeper look!)


mbishopp said...

Look at you with all of that style. Love the look.


Tyler and Anne said...

Hot mama. 27 weeks - I can't believe it! I have been gradually gathering your baby gift. Little things that I love for Claire I go get doubles of ... accumulating in her closet. Perhaps I'll leave it in Seattle for you to open at your shower. ;) Can't believe you're a mommy!!!