Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Midwife appointments

We are super excited for another homebirth with baby boy!  We continue to have wonderful prenatal visits with our midwife (same as the one I used with Eliana and same one my sister used!), Kathe.  Eliana's favorite part of the visit is when she gets to help Kathe find the baby so we can listen to him!

And of course, she always wants to see if she has a baby in her belly too.  Geoff always says "hopefully not for another 30 years!"

Getting in the spirit

A few days after Thanksgiving we got all set up for Christmas!  It's so fun seeing it through Eliana's eyes.  The tree, lights, stockings... it's all magical.

Class Photos

Eliana has never been one to pose for a picture, especially when asked by a complete stranger.  Between that tendency and her prop, I think it's a real winner.

Her class picture is pretty precious though!

Daddy's in heaven

If only she'd do this every Sunday morning with him...