Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh faithful readers

I have to thank everyone who has continued to check my blog in spite of my lack of posting! Things have been same ol really... just really busy as this time of year usually is. Second semester is when we talk about transitions and structure of programs for the following year. It can be a real headache and there have been MANY days when I've said to myself "this isn't worth the money!". Luckily, last month we got a 6% raise... yeaaaayyy for teachers! It was just in time.

Spring break also came just in time... my patience running thin and my frustration level rising! Geoff and I are lucky to have the same school schedule so we were able to spend the whole week together. The weather was sunny and 80's most of the week (I love Cali!) and we were able to enjoy that while still getting some much needed things done.

Last weekend we went to UC Davis Picnic Day which is a big Alumni Event. Geoff and I went with a few of his college buddies and enjoyed the dog races, bands and too much drinking! Here are a few pics from that day.

I promise I'll post some more pics as soon as my lazy behind gets into blog writing gear!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What a sweetheart

Last night Geoff made a lovely dinner of chicken fajitas (which is what he made me on our first date at his apartment!) and while we were enjoying our meal I told him "you are the best cook in the world", he replied "ahhhh, thanks, you are the best eater in the world!". I took it as a compliment, of course!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jeez... it's been forever

Wow, are you guys sick of looking at my last blog or what?! Sorry about that! Things have been bussssyyyyy.... it's go go go at work, then softball and/or NDNU class and by the time I'm home, have dinner (which Geoff always has ready for me--- so amazingly sweet!) and clean up I am absolutely exhausted.

Last weekend ma and pa Abo were in town for their biannual California visit. On Thursday they came to my team's softball game (we won!) and then we spent the rest of the weekend in Santa Cruz with Michelle and Shawn. The weather was beautiful and spring like and we spent time enjoying eachother and catching up. Geoff's rugby game was conveniently located at Santa Cruz High School so we were able to watch him kick some butt... he said he "took it easy" that game so he only came out with a bruised right side of his face and a scratch on his left side. His team continues to be undefeated and round one of play-offs are next weekend!
A few pics from our sushi making party for lunch on Sunday! It was really fun and I definately recommend it for a fun party with some friends (or family)! You can get as creative as you'd like and experiment with all sorts of fillings.

Our sushi picnic!

Dad used to play Rugby back in his day.... some of Geoff's teammates were encouraging him to come out for the team!

He was stinky... but he's worth it. Take a look at my mom in the background. Kinda like a stalker... but she just loves us!