Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jeez... it's been forever

Wow, are you guys sick of looking at my last blog or what?! Sorry about that! Things have been bussssyyyyy.... it's go go go at work, then softball and/or NDNU class and by the time I'm home, have dinner (which Geoff always has ready for me--- so amazingly sweet!) and clean up I am absolutely exhausted.

Last weekend ma and pa Abo were in town for their biannual California visit. On Thursday they came to my team's softball game (we won!) and then we spent the rest of the weekend in Santa Cruz with Michelle and Shawn. The weather was beautiful and spring like and we spent time enjoying eachother and catching up. Geoff's rugby game was conveniently located at Santa Cruz High School so we were able to watch him kick some butt... he said he "took it easy" that game so he only came out with a bruised right side of his face and a scratch on his left side. His team continues to be undefeated and round one of play-offs are next weekend!
A few pics from our sushi making party for lunch on Sunday! It was really fun and I definately recommend it for a fun party with some friends (or family)! You can get as creative as you'd like and experiment with all sorts of fillings.

Our sushi picnic!

Dad used to play Rugby back in his day.... some of Geoff's teammates were encouraging him to come out for the team!

He was stinky... but he's worth it. Take a look at my mom in the background. Kinda like a stalker... but she just loves us!


In a nutshell said...

I am laughing to myself right now and MISSING YOU!! I love the pic of your mom's face peeking under the bar. Classic. I love that he plays rugby and hope for a regular posting to update us on his teams progress. I loved hearing from you this week, and would LOVE to do muddy buddys with you if you find yourself in a bind (he keeps winning til the end!) I talked to Jana yesterday and she didn't get my package either but never told me because she felt bad. Makes me sick. And lastly the 17th wont work because Ashley has her big gymnastics recital that Sat. SORRY!!!

In a nutshell said...

Also, I want to call you about what you did for that Sushi picnic. Ty's b-day is coming up and I think that would be fun to do at his party.

In a nutshell said...

I'll call you this week.

In a nutshell said...

In a nutshell is Anne for some reason! I need to fix something

paulandcarol said...

Of course I love you both - it's just part of my job (semi, ok mostly-retired) description! Old habits die hard you know xoxoxox Mumsy

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