Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun weekend

This was a big weekend for us! Saturday our friends had their annual St. Patrick's day party. This party means a lot to Geoff and I because this is where we first met, 2 years ago! The last 2 years with Geoff have been amazing. He's such a great guy and we couldn't be more perfect together! Geoff is the sweetest guy in the world and I'm so lucky to have him. He's my best friend, confidant, chef, masseuse, and so much more!
To celebrate our anniversary we went to one of our favorite spots- Watercourse Way- to spend a relaxing afternoon in the tubs. Then we went to Los Altos Grill (formerly Banderas) for dinner and to enjoy the amazing-ness of no corkage fee, and their rotisserie chicken and cornbread! We finished our night with a cuddle and movie on the couch!
We can't wait for many more anniversaries to come!
Here's a picture of our night at the St. Patrick's day party. I know, somethings different! I got my haircut that day at Julie Q's (best place ever!) and the hair dresser straightened it. It was a fun change!

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Anne Hillstead said...

You are going to die when I tell you this. I just got back from my trip and got the mail and your freaking package was in my box!!! I swear I am not meant to get anything to you. I had taken yours, Jana's and Drew's packages all to the post office that day and apparently the guy forgot to stick the sticker of payment on yours because it came back "needs postage"! What a joke! Drew and Jana both got theirs!! So now your 1/2 pound of SEES chocolate is melted from sitting in my black mail box for days while I was out of town. I am not happy. Anyway, I will try again my love. And the b-day card will get there someday. :) Unbelievable. Where's my receipt?!