Friday, March 7, 2008

A deep breath

As most of you know I usually don't spend very much money on myself... A $35 haircut a few times a year, maybe one or two pedi's a month.... I try and limit my spending so I can save the big bucks to do bigger and better things like travel! Things have been soooo busy for me lately that I was having some major knots in my back to the point where I couldn't sleep well at night. So I treated myself to a MASSAGE last night. It was heavenly. Of course, my cheap self went for the "Basic Therapist" meaning they only have 250 hours of formal training (saved me $20!) but it was still relaxing and rejuvinating. I went to the Massage Therapy Center in Palo Alto and I definately recomend it to my local friends. It's a no-frills kind of place (which is probably why it's affordable) so even though you don't get all the smooshing of a spa you still get a wonderful treatment. Now it's your turn... treat yourself! Coming from someone as cheap as myself.... It's well worth the money!


Anne Hillstead said...

Had myself a massage yesterday for my b-day and must agree. It was amazing, and money WELL spent. Love you girl.

Soulful Jenn said...

Wow I do need to treat myself. I've never had a massage, I get about 3 manicures and pedicures a year, and two haircuts a yr. I'd say I'm cheap and ur not. Course I don't like the sound of cheap, so I like to call myself an excellent saver.