Monday, March 16, 2009

Great weekend!

We had a great weekend and the fact that we had today off made it even BETTER! There really is nothing better than a 3 day weekend... I wouldn't mind working longer days to just have an extra day on the weekend. I actually feel caught up on sleep and ready to go back to work tomorrow.
St. Patrick's day weekend is always a fun one and this year was no exception. Geoff and I celebrated our three year anniversary by going to our friend's annual St. Patrick's day party (where we met), going on a hike, out to a nice dinner and a lovely surprise this morning with breakfast in bed! All that (plus more!) in one weekend... it was perfect!

We hiked around Mt. Hamilton. It was FREEZING, but so gorgeous with all of the rolling green hills.

Read carefully - we couldn't resist!

Not sure what I was doing here - it's oh so country western!

At our friend's St. Patrick's Day party! (I just realized I haven't posted about Geoff's rugby injury that ended with 30 stitches - check out that scar.)

Geoff brought me breakfast in bed this morning with a sweet anniversary card. What a lucky gal I am!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I haven't posted in 4 EVA (name the movie...) so I thought I'd drop in and say hi. My friends have been great bloggers lately, and I've been a bit of a slacker. It's time to watch some crappy TV, so I'll quickly bullet point the top three things on my mind right now...

  • My student's mom was diagnosed last weekend with liver cancer. It's not good... and I've been trying to grapple with the idea of how to deal with my student when his mom does pass away. Sadly, he's exiting my program this year, so I probably won't be around to help him. I'm worried about him and his family right now.
  • Recently I've been thinking about how I want to get into photography (thanks to Melissa!). I'm debating on if I should should off until after the wedding, mostly because right now is not a great time for me to buy a nice camera.
  • Geoff and I are about 98% sure we want to go to FIJI for our honeymoon! If only there was more time in the day to research and begin booking our flights and accommodations!