Sunday, January 9, 2011

Growing baby

Baby and I are doing great! Feeling really good - infact, I have very minimal to report on. For awhile my hip and back were bothering me and after meeting with my midwife and going over my posture, I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better. As long as keep focused on good posture and walking correctly I notice that my body feels a TON better.

I can tell baby girl is growing and getting strong everyday! Some days I wonder if she sleeps AT ALL because it feels like she is constantly moving around. I must say I absolutely love it! (Except for what seems like a good elbow to my vagina ~ I could live without those!)

Geoff feels her all the time and we watch her dance around. She especially loves when I talk to her and when her dad tells her secrets. :-)

Here's a shot of me in all my glory - a day at the beach. She LOVED the sun, just like her mama!

A pic before going out last night (25 weeks)



Savanna said...

My belly seems HUGE compared to yours! I think I really 'popped' sometime during week 21. I keep blaming my parents because that was the week we were visiting them and I gained more weight during that time than ever and since then my weight has barely budged!

Also- I am LOVING leggings + black boots + sweaters! Your picture is very cute!!

Ali said...

love that you're reading The Expectant Father :). You look great by the way!! Can't wait for that baby to come!

Shelley & Ron said...

OMG - you are such a beautiful mama!! You look darling!

What's not to like about Sarah & Mike said...

How cute do you look! I love your clothes by the way...very hip mama!