Friday, August 26, 2011

Dru & Amber get hitched

Last weekend Geoff, Eliana and I went up to Seattle to see my dear friend Dru get married. Dru and I have been BF's since 1993 (he hated me when we first met in '92, but I won him over within a year) and I was lucky enough to have him stand up for me in my wedding and honored to do the same for him! Not only was this a fabulous night because two awesome people got married, but it was also our FIRST OVER NIGHT DATE since our sweet baby was born! Eliana hung out with her sitti & giddi for 24 hours while Geoff and I partied through the night (uh, and day). I can't believe we all survived :-) Actually, I had no doubt Eliana would survive (well, thrive) but I was slightly concerned about my well being seeing as I hadn't let loose for over a year. Good thing I got right back into the swing of it!

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