Monday, August 29, 2011

4 months!

Sweet Eliana turned 4 months on the 27th of this month! She is the absolute light of our lives. I'm totally that mom who instantly says "do you want to see a picture?" and proceeds to go through all 1,000 Iphone pictures of her daughter.

Eliana blesses almost everyone she meets with a smile ~ she loves being out and about, meeting new people and is so curious about the world around her. She has eyes for her mom and dad but quickly warms up to everyone after a few minutes.

We love you baby girl!

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Anne said...

Is four months not the best? Told you, my fav age! It truly gets better all the time though, too. We ask ourselves, as sad as it is to watch the kids grow up, would we rewind time? The answer is always no because we love them so much in every new phase. Claire still not crawling... But giving smack-lip kisses and patty-caking... I can't believe she's coming up on ONE!