Monday, August 29, 2011

A big day of firsts

Went for a ride in her first swing at the park!

Got her first haircut! (The random long strands finally got to me.)

Bounced for the first time in her new johnny jump-up!

On top of all these firsts Eliana also celebrated her beautiful niece's 2nd birthday! We LOVE you Kaira Moon. (Picture is post-party exhaustion... reading books with sitti.)

Phew.... No wonder why she went out like a light tonight!


Melissa said...

Yay, Eliana! Wow, they grow up fast. Impressed with the hair cutting skills, mama! :)

Anne said...

Oh my gosh she is changing over night! What a cutie!, you are a great mommy, I can tell... I am s happy for all of you. My trips not soon enough - shell be sitiing up or crawling by the time I come!!