Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great visit

My dearest childhood friends just left after a perfect (but too short) visit. Having them visit was SO good for the soul - these ladies are exactly the type of people you need in your life - loyal, fun, honest, open, caring and just oozing GOODNESS! It was as if we hadn't been apart for one day since we first met in 5th grade. We chatted, shopped, ate ourselves sick (that pound of sees chocolate went down FAST!), lazed around, and still had time for a trip to the beach.


Jana said...

I love YOU! This trip was just what the dr. ordered. :-) I can't tell you the things I took away from your watching you! Ry and I marched ourselves right up to Trader Joe's today and bought all the healthy goodness we could handle. Thank you for having me into your world!

Cassandra said...

That picture at the bottom is perfection! SO cute :)

Anne said...

Sweet post. I love your baby more now that I know her. She is so fun and cuddley. I too went to Costco and bought up all sorts of healthy foods, interesting what effect you had on both of us! Thx for everything!