Friday, October 28, 2011

6 months!

Eliana has been with us for 1/2 a year and it is impossible to imagine our life without her. She has brought us so much joy and each month things are getting more fun. Her smile absolutely warms our hearts, her giggle is contagious and her toes are nibble worthy. She is very social these days, LOVES going out with mom and dad and meeting new people. Today was her first day in the gym day care and she had a great time ~ the sitter kept going on about what a happy baby I have!

It is definitely time for Eliana to get some grub in her belly! She stares at us when we eat and you can see it in her eyes that she wants it BAD! She'll have her first solids this weekend, so stay tuned for some updates on that.

Uh, mom, why do you put these silly stickers on me every month?

Oh well, it's one more thing for me to put in my mouth!

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