Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm never far....

from the BATHROOM. So I pretty much plan my day around where my next bathroom stop will be able to be. It's kinda out of control. I love water, love being hydrated but do NOT love having to use every bathroom in the bay area. (Did you know Baby Gap has a bathroom? That was one of my best finds thanks to my friend Sara.)

I recently upped my water intake to about 90 ounces of water. That's kinda ridiculous.... but it does make me feel good and I have noticed that awful swelling that was happening to my ankles not occur as often. (Did you know that water helps flush the body and reduce water retention? Seems odd, but it's brilliant really.)

Okay, but let's go back - NINETY OUNCES of water. That's over 2.5 liters. Then, let's remember that my bladder is currently being crushed by a three pound (give or take a bit) princess. No wonder why I pee so much.

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Becca said...

The constant peeing is ridiculous! I too remember planning any trip around where the closest bathroom was....or going out to dinner and requesting a table close to the bathroom :) The fantastic news is literally right after you give birth you pee like a normal person again! lol