Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby girl's room

Geoff put together our new dresser last night taking us one step closer to the nursery being completed! The dresser was a bit of a fiasco. We bought another one (that I LOVED) but it ended up being WAY too short to change diapers on. So, we returned that one (not without any hassle, of course) and ordered this one. The height is perfect - well, for Geoff. So, it's actually ideal because I figured when we are in disagreement about who will change baby's diaper I can say "the changing table height is perfect for you, you do it!" :-)

Oh! And if you look closely at the pic you can see our new bedding sitting in our crib (along with other crap - it's kind of our holding place for now!).

1 comment:

Melissa Moore said...

So cute Dee, but if you are anything like won't end up using anything made for changing diapers nearly as much as you use a blanket on the floor.