Thursday, February 17, 2011

30 weeks!

Last Sunday marked 30 weeks for baby girl. She's getting so big & strong... I'm such a proud mommy already!

More stuff seems to be goin' on with my bod, so I guess you could say I'm starting to feel pretty pregnant. By the end of the day I'm totally beat and usually don't feel like doing much more than getting into my PJ's, putting my feet up and watching TV or reading. I am thorough enjoying each moment I do this because I know these opportunities will be far & few between once baby arrives!
My work-outs are getting more difficult and I cannot do what I used to. But it still feels GREAT to go and I'm thankful that I have been able to keep up the routine. Most of my ailments are in my lower back & hips. It feels like I need to get a really good stretch but I just can't seem to get to it. Luckily, I had a gift certificate from my sweet MIL to a fancy spa which does "motherhood massages". The masseuse really got to those trouble spots... It was amazing and I seriously felt like it was needed, not just a splurge. Oh, and I wish I could buy one of those mats that they used - the one with the boobs and belly sections cut out - helllllo, brilliant for us stomach sleepers!

She is moving around a ton in there and Geoff gets to feel her too, which is so fun. Last week when I was taking a bath she was happily squirming around and I could feel her little butt pop up! If was soooo cute! Feeling her body parts?!? It's still crazy to me!

Heading into into my 31st week with a trip to Seattle - can't wait!


Katie said...

You look great! What a fun, exciting time for you two!

Melissa Moore said...

You look great Dee!!

Tyler and Anne said...

You look amazing! Does the belly even stick out further than the boobs yet?! You look too good all tight and toned. I so wish I could be at your shower in Seattle and feel that belly for myself. DeeDee's a mommy... I still can't believe it. I love your nursery, what do those chinese(?) signs say above the dresser? You guys are definitely posh. I like your style. Have fun with these last ten weeks. I always say the babies should come at 33 weeks. Get there and tell me how perfect that would be!

Paul said...

Just look at OUR baby! You are so beautiful and we can't wait to see you and kiss that other baby too!