Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zeke & Adina's wedding

We just returned home from a weekend in Carmel to celebrate with Geoff's cousin Zeke, who married his high school sweetheart, Adina. Geoff was the officiant for the wedding and did a beautiful job.... he reminded me a lot of how elegant, well spoken & thoughtful my brother was as he officiated our wedding. The wedding was held at a beautiful home in the hills of Carmel. When it cleared the view was amazing, but even with the thick fog the scenery was absolutely stunning. The bride and groom were glowing and their love shined through all evening ~ so much fun to watch.

Geoff & I before the wedding

What a romantic!

The officiant (handsome husband), best man (cousin Nate) and groomswoman (sister Monica) all looking lovely as they wait for the bride and groom.

Such sweet love!

Officially Mr. and Mrs. ~ Relaxing on the beach this afternoon.

Congrats Zeke and Adina! We love you both!

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