Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wedding: Make me pretty

<<<Friends, I thought it would be nice to do some wedding recap blog entries. Scroll down to see the first entry. Enjoy!>>>

My belly was growling bright and early that morning, which is what woke me up. I wasn't nervous, worried or even all that anxious... I was just hungry, happy that the day was here and excited to see Geoff! My sis made me some eggs for breakfast, had a little play time with my nephew and then it was time to GET PRETTY!

My hair and make-up was done and I had my girls by my side. I didn't feel like a bride quite yet and I was still cool as a cucumber. I had about 15 minutes before Geoff arrived so it was time to slip on the dress.

It's amazing how many people it takes to get a bride in a dress!

And once you're in a dress... you need help with the shoes...

and the jewels!

"WOW, I'm wearing a wedding dress!"

My mom was the first with the tears, of course. I love my mamma. I'm so blessed.

That is when things changed a little. Remember how calm I was?! Well, I had a moment. It was time to put the veil on.

Careful, careful.

Mom straightened the veil and put her "mom touch" on it. I still hadn't looked in the mirror, but once I did it was WATER WORKS.

See those looks of concerns?! I think they thought I was going to call off the wedding ;-)

There was something about the veil that sent me over the edge a little and I'm still not sure what it was exactly. It was just a bit much for me and I felt like an "80's bride" as I said at the moment. Hmmm.... not so much. I think it was just overwhelming emotion that my wedding day was here and that this was REAL.

Okay.... so I had my moment and once my eyes were dry I was given my beautiful bouquet, which was wrapped in my mom's wedding dress sleeve - so special to me.

I was happy again. :-)

Up Next: Show me my groom.... let's get this party started!

(All photos taken by my awesome photographer, Ben Becker)


Shelley and Ron said...

DeeDee, you are an exceptionally beautiful bride! I LOVE your dress - and all of the special touches...

Melissa Moore said...

First of all you are soooo beautiful and second, I love that you are posting like this. I feel like I was there and it is bringing back so many of my own wedding day memories.