Friday, October 16, 2009

The Wedding: It's... wow.... time!!

<<<Friends, I thought it would be nice to do some wedding recap blog entries. Enjoy!>>>

On Friday morning I woke up and it kinda hit me... I'm getting married and the party is beginning NOW! I got an early morning text from Stacey telling me that her, Cameron and Alison (3 of my bridesmaids) were on the ferry and running on schedule. It was GAME TIME.... so exciting! I met my ladies at the local nail salon for a few hours of foot and hand pampering which was just what my mom and I needed after a week of weed pulling and cleaning.

(Insert picture later... can't seem to find one right now!)

After mom treated all of us to lunch I started getting a little ne
rvous and knew that I needed to spend some time with my peeps, so we headed down to Langley to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather. It was just what I needed.

After some girl time I headed back to my parents house to pretty up for the rehearsal and dinner. It was REALLY go time now!

Bride and Wedding Planner

Wow! It's happening!

Yeay! We're ready for this journey!

After the rehearsal (which I MAY have become a little bridezilla-ish at, but I'm proud to say it was the one and only moment during this whole process that I did so!) we headed over to Fireseed Catering for our dinner. The weather was great, the tables were gorgeous (thanks Barbara!), the dinner was delicious and the toasts were heartwarming. Geoff's dad, step-mom, mom and step-dad were very kind to also host all of our friends and family for post-dinner drinks. It was such a treat to be able to celebrate with our people Friday AND Saturday night!

Dinner with our wedding party. Beautiful people and place!

Stacey's toast was perfect.

.....And JJ's. Of course, he had to mention my ex boyfriends!

We LOVE our friends!

Good food, awesome company and fine wine made for a great evening and it was time to say goodnight to my fiance for the last time!

After a family toast, a few sleep aid pills and butterflies in my stomach, I was headed to bed to wake up a bride on my wedding day!

Up next: Make me pretty... I have to go see my GROOM!

(Thanks to Monica and Stacey for the pictures.)

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Blyth Family Blog said...

Love this. I was just so confused though cause I swore I had seen your wedding pics a few months back! Then I saw your disclaimer at the beginning, too funny!
Thanks for this :)