Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's officially summer, which by teacher standards means relaxation and fun. Things have been crazy though, and there hasn't been much time to relax! We finished the school year last Thursday and jumped right into summer school on Monday. I'm training two new teachers to take my job and also trying to make my transition over to my new program. It's been absolute insanity coordinating new staff and new students. Week one of summer school ended today, so only 3 to go and then we leave for our VACATION to Croatia and Greece.
Last week was very eventful with end of the year activities. My dear friend Erica came to visit and stayed the weekend with us. It was so nice to spend time with her. We managed to fit in plenty of parties and had a nice weekend.
I have a few pictures to post... but it is SO hot here today that I can't handle being on the computer for another minute!!! So, that's all for now....! xo


Anonymous said...

Greece huh, My sister said she thought she could party until she went to Greece and then she said she was schooled in the true art of drinking and having a good time!

Tyler and Anne said...

How hot is hot?! 111 here today... I am looking forward to a few days in Seattle and hearing about your BIG trip!! Have a great time....