Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seattle summer 2013

Eliana and I took a trip up to Seattle for 5 days when Geoff was at home working hard.  We had a wonderful time hanging with Sitti & Giddi, seeing old friends and enjoying the Seattle sunshine.

Giddi teaching Eliana how to safely cross busy city streets. 

This is how you skip rocks, Gid

Saw our friends Stacey and Mason! 

Visited the Seattle Aquarium 

Hung out with the Wallace twins & fam in Snoqualmie! 

Played at a park in West Seattle with the Whooge family.

Enjoyed lots of special treats.

Since she LOVED watching the boats from S&G's condo we decided to take a taxi ferry over to West Seattle - we took it there and back, not even enough time to get off!  Very thrilling ;-) 


Anne said...

I'm back on now. 7:11am. ;) Fav pic yet?! Your dad and her skipping rocks! Print that on for her room, a girl and her gpa

Marianne said...

This looks amazing! I hope that we can meet up with you in Washington at some point in the future.