Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eliana's School Bus themed 2nd birthday!

I CANNOT believe I haven't posted since April!  The thing is, I always look back at my blog posts to take a walk down memory lane and I love it, so I REALLY need to get back to blogging!  It's such a great way to document Eliana's growth and milestones, and also record fun things we do as a family.  And now with #2 in the belly (yay!) I need to start documenting that too!

Since I never blogged about Eliana's 2nd birthday I thought I'd start with a few pics from that!  It really was a day we'll always remember and so fun to have everyone together!

Per tradition, Sitti made a cake for her grandkids bday! Eliana was a huge help.

On her birthday morning, we made her eggs and pancakes!

THE CAKE! It was a huge hit.  Eliana was the driver and her cousins were the passengers :-)   

All the kids had a sack lunch complete with a PBJ sandwich, tangerine, crackers & juice box

Party goers left with a little gift bag of crayons and bus coloring sheets, mini bus chocolates (wish I had a pic - they were so cute!) and home made playdough! 

She had all her buddies AND family there and had a great time!  


Aston Frunk said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.
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Aston Frunk said...
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Anne said...

Deedee adorable!! Got a smile on my face when I saw Elianas pic on the bus! Perfect !! Cute party theme!