Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winter water play

Eliana still LOVES playing in the water and since the weather has cooled now we need more indoor activities, so she's taken to playing at the sink.  Just a small drip of water keeps her content for quite awhile!

After she played for a while she went to go get her spoon ("poon") and went back to the sink to spoon the water into her mouth.  Cute AND resourceful!

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Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

I'm playing catch up with your blog today at work :)

And I had to tell you that our little bean, also a lover of water, went and got a spoon the other day and headed off to the bathroom...where she discovered the toilet HAS WATER IN IT, and this water is fun to scoop with a spoon. blech!

Time for those childproof toilet closer things I suppose :)