Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinning away

I was inspired by Pinterest to make some no-sew roman shades.  You know the saying "you had me at hello"?  Well, this pin "had me at no-sew".  Luckily my mom was in town so she was able to help with the first one (on the right) and I managed to do the 2nd one on my own!  Don't look too closely at mine & don't touch it - it will probably fall apart. :-)

These are perfect in my bathrooms because the windows have a privacy screen on them, so I don't need real shades or blinds.  It adds color and texture to my walls... and some how I managed to find fabric that matches the ugly tile in my bathroom.

Yay for Pinterest!


Rene Veeravalli said...

I wonder what your bathroom windows currently look like. I also prefer not putting blinds in there, but I still want to add shades even if it’s just a plain white sheer one. It offers a relaxing appeal to me and provides a sufficient amount of sunlight in the area at the same time.

Larry Cohen said...

Adding colors and textures to your wall is easy as long as you have certain ideas on how to do so. Pinterest has been the source of various remodeling and redesigning ideas recently. I've seen many no-sew ideas there too and tried some of them. Great job on your shades, Dee! I'll try this one some other time.

Larry @ South FL Home Remodeling