Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mexico fun!

Eliana's first international travel experience was a total success! We spent our mornings relaxing and napping at home (Eliana napped... we drank margaritas on the veranda!), and our afternoons exploring sweet little towns and the beautiful beaches.

Playing in the grass at the nice resort that we enjoyed sneaking into :-)

She loved playing in the ocean with daddy.

Fun in the sand!

Dinner at our favorite taco stand.

First taste of sand ~ delicious!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets (and made a mad dash once the mosquitos came out!).

Killing time (if you could call it that) during Eliana's nap time.

We brought one toy from home... but there was PLENTY of interesting things to explore in the house.

All in all we could not have asked for a better trip. It was definitely different travelling with baby... but seeing her eyes light up and her arms and legs flare with excitement when she experienced new things made it ALL worth it.

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Adina Marguerite said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. And those are some great pictures of Eliana!