Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy birthday to our friend Quinn!

Eliana's best bud Quinn celebrated his first birthday! These two have been through thick and thin, pee and poop, marathon long nursing sessions and have even shared puffs. I think it's love.
Unfortunately Q was such a popular little boy at his party that we weren't able to get a pic of the two of them together. We did do a photo shoot with the other babes... and it was HILARIOUS. Turns out babies don't like party hats.

Haven't they grown up so much!


Melissa said...

Haha! Too cute. I'm so glad you came to the party. Quinn asked me today if his little girlfriend could come over and play. I said it was okay if her mommy said it was okay. :) Miss you guys!

Unknown said...

Although he's not a huge fan of hats, Luca HATES grass! Too funny! I'm so glad we got those pictures though...what a difference from the Aptos pics!

Unknown said...

This is my first time using Google blogs...didn't mean to be unkown.