Monday, January 30, 2012

9 months

Hold up! I forgot to to an 8 month post. We are just having too much dang fun around here to blog. Oh, wait... what I meant to say is WORK is getting in the way. Boo. I'll go back and add an 8 month post, but for now, please enjoy a picture of this 9 month sweetness.

Eliana is SO dang fun these days. Everything deserves a round of applause from her (even while nursing), a wave, or a head bob dance. She is scooting around with quickness (really gotta get on that baby proofing thing) and almost on her hands and knees to make it a full on crawl. She's adjusting to life away from mommy during the days and doing pretty well - she's a social little one and LOVES making new friends at daycare. She is finally starting to get interested in food - purees, finger foods and puffs, of course! What a love!

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Anne said...

What a cutie she is. Full of life and enthusiasm like her momma! Love her smile. I'm glad things are going well at daycare and with grandma watching her. Keep the posts coming! Xoxo