Monday, June 27, 2011

2 months!

Yesterday was Eliana's 2 month birthday! This month has brought lots of new things for us... including lots of smiles and coos. Her smiles melt our heart... we can't get enough. Especially the ones where you can see her gums. To die for. She often has conversations with us and her toys (through cooing), also to die for.
Life is seeming to become a bit more normal... well, it's a new normal, but it's a good one. One that has taught me patience and flexibility, and a love that is different than any I have ever experienced. Amazing that a 2 month old baby can teach us such important life lessons.

Dad finished work for the summer and we have been doing lots of outings, lunches, picnics and happy hours. Eliana loves being out and about and has been enjoying our beautiful California weather.

Picnic with Eliana's boyfriend, Brody and his mom and dad!

Swimming at Adam's house with our friends Trip and Kieran.

Day in Santa Cruz with Auntie Michelle and Cousin Kaira.

Eliana's FAVORITE place these days.... naked in the atrium under her play mat!

Play date with my friend, Emry.

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Jill said...

I simply love her name!! It is as beautiful as she is :-) Congratulations!!