Thursday, April 14, 2011


I really have no excuse as to why I haven't blogged in awhile... seeing as I'm as Stay At Home Mom now. Well, for 9 months atleast. Yup, you heard that right... after lots of weighing the pros and cons Geoff and I decided it would be best for our soon to be family of three for me to take first semester off next year. So I'm a SAHM until January 2012! I am SO excited and falling into my new profession quite nicely. For example, this morning I have had my breakfast and tea, made dinner (crockpot masterpiece), cleaned the dishes and started the dishwasher, and now I'm watching the Today show with a cup of decaf coffee. I mean, if that doesn't have SAHM written all over it. HAH! I know the reality of it though... it will only be days (or maybe weeks) before me REAL SAHM job starts, because technically you can't be a SAHM without a child :-) But needless to say I'm really enjoying Maternity Leave and taking in every second of my freedom, peace and lack of responsibilities! I have pretty much gone psycho on just about every closet and every drawer (is this nesting?) and today I have big plans for my shoe closet. Goodwill is making out this week.

We are fast approaching 39 weeks! It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is coming to an end and we'll soon be blessed with our baby girl. A friend of mine asked me if I was "over" being pregnant and, believe it or not, I'm actually not entirely over being pregnant. Yes, there are some things that I'd rather live without and I'll be happy to leave behind, but these things are quite minor actually. For example, I wake up in the morning and I am SO sore I feel like I've run a marathon the day before. Also, it'll be nice to not get completely out of breath when I tie my shoes. So a few minor complaints, but I'm doing quite well for being almost 39 weeks preggers.

The only picture I have to post right now is me topless, so I'll wait and take some pics this weekend that are more internet approved & post this weekend!


Lana said...

much love to you in this special, special time. go see some movies and get dinners with your man, 'cause it will be awhile before you can do that again. enjoy the peace and allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of this pure moment--i'm a believer that this is one of life's most sacred times and i think if you listen closely you can hear the sound of what real, innate, simple, human joy sounds like in those quiet moments, there is actually a buzz--i think it's the sound of what we're all actually here on earth to do. things are about to get really hard but exponentially more rewarding. **your heart will actually grow** remember to take as good of care as each other (you to jeff and him to you) as you do to that sweet girl, it makes getting through an extremely difficult and complex transition much lovelier/easier. take good care of yourself too, don't be too hard on yourself, your abilities, or whatever emotions you may or may not have. remember that it won't take long until your life feels normal again. it will be a new kind of normal but it won't always be as overwhelming and emotional as it feels in the beginning. enjoy your labor, your body was designed to do it and you will be blown away by what you innately know how to do(in labor and in caring for your girl). Listen to your instincts, you're already a mom and they are your gift, they are never wrong, they know more than the doctors--i know that from personal experience. whew, sorry that was so long. it's just such a special thing. soon you'll be imparting mother-love on other expectant mamas too! xoxo.

Paul said...

What an insightful and poetically written entry from Lana! You have exactly described so much of what's happening in D&G's lives right now and in the future. Wise woman...
Momma Abo (AKA Siti)