Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy due-date-day Baby girl

Yesterday was Baby girl's due date and, obviously, she decided she wasn't quite ready. We knew we needed a project to keep our mind off of "DUE DATE" so we made Kaak... Lebanese sweet bread! My mom makes Kaak once a year, around Easter, and it's very special to our family. Geoff surprised me one year with it (I went to work and he spent ALL day making it - it's a full day project) and it was the sweetest thing ever, although didn't quite turn out. Flat kaak. Oops. So anyways, we worked on it together yesterday and my sister and Kaira joined us. We even dyed eggs & had an Easter egg hunt as we were both feeling nostalgic. It was a great day and only one thing could have made it better. Soon, soon... (right??)


Ali said...

hang in there DeeDee! The waiting game stinks!! But, it is so well worth it! Good luck!!

McGrath said...

You look so freakin cute!!! Enjoy the extra time with you're hubs!!! Go on a dinner date, heck go on a dinner lunch too---everyday!!

Stacey V said...

Can't wait to hear!!! You're going to be such a good mama!!

Melissa said...

No baby girl yet? She's just fashionably late. :) Love the photos!

Also, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog.


Anne said...