Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lands End

Yesterday Geoff and I woke up early with nothing planned for the day (a rarity) so we decided on a date day in SF! We stopped by the library, picked up a few San Francisco guide books, and hit the open rode (ok, just 101).
We went on a walk starting near the Presidio around Lands End. It was a beautiful day, great to get exercise somewhere new and lovely to spend time together. Our goal over the next 5 months is to do as many spur of the moment activities as possible, since those opportunities won't be nearly as easy with a little minute in our lives. (That's what I called newborns - minutes - not sure why, so don't ask!)

After our walk we stopped at the beach for a snack picnic and rest. Beautiful!

It was a great day in the city!

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