Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summary: Last 15 weeks

I have been a happy prego mommy, that's for sure.

I've had very little symptoms and been feeling pretty dang good. I try not to complain about anything, since there is so little to complain about, but I have been exhausted and recently found out that I'm slightly anemic - so that explains that! I have been taking an herb called Yellow Dock and I'm starting to really notice an increase in my energy level and proud to say I can now keep my eyes open past 8pm. Yay!

Let me break down the 1st trimester for ya!

No fun:
Exhaustion, gas (really bad - poor Geoff), heartburn (from about weeks 7-10)

Cottage cheese, veggies, tofu, thai food, prenatal yoga, Geoff telling secrets & kissing baby, talking to baby in the car/shower/gym - wherever really, sharing our news with family & friends, listening to the heartbeat, feeling my belly grow - oh man, the list goes on!

Meat, especially chicken (this is getting a little better - thankfully) & stinky people.

The day we found out! August 14, 2010

Today we went in to meet our referring doctor (more on that later) and the nurse offered to do an ultrasound. Since we hadn't had one yet we decided to go for it and it was the most AMAZING thing ever. All my lady friends told me it would be, but I didn't really understand until I saw it. It was breathtaking, emotional and seeing baby overcame Geoff and I with pure joy. I have to say, he/she is definitely the cutest 15 week old baby EVER, especially when the little one stretched, moved around and gave us what looked to be a high five. :-)

I hope you follow me as I share my adventure with you!


Ali said...

So excited for you too! I remember bawling when I saw my first ultrasound too! It's amazing to think you've really been doing something all those days of not feeling good! Love hearing about people's pregnancy journey, so keep the updates coming! So excited, it's great!

McLain Family said...

Yay DeeDee! Soooo excited for you! Babies are the best!
I'm excited to follow your blog as you document your pregnancy journey. You're gonna be the best mom!!! :)

Tyler and Anne said...

Being a mom is the best. And to think you haven't even met her yet... it only gets better and better and better. I am so happy for you! Very fun that we are having new babies together. Somehow we'll have to get them together before too long and get a picture of the four of us. BTW - we will be in Seattle for Blake's graduation June 4th - might take the whole family up. When is the baby due again? Any chance you'll be there around then too??

Lana said...

DeeDee, I am so so so extremely happy for you. You are going to be a great mom (you already are--you have been for 15 weeks)! These are things you can just tell about other people. It will be the most amzing/rewarding/difficult/life changing experience you could possibly have. I'm glad you have Geoff to share it with. Your parents must be on top of the world with all these little babies coming along. Those kids will be so lucky to have cousins all about the same age! Enjoy this time. If there is anything you need at all (I know you know a million new moms, but..), I'm just a message away! Have fun!

Kerwin said...

Congrats DeeDee and Geoff! We're so happy for you guys and know you'll be terrific parents. All our love! xoxox and n russ

Blyth Family Blog said...

Such an exciting time for you Dee! I can't believe I've been such a bad blog reader and I totally missed this news!! I'm back, and will be following every post from now on...I LOVE first time pregnancies and NEW BABIES!!! So excited for you guys! xoxo.

GorgeousMind said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations! All the best for you both.