Friday, June 25, 2010

Phu quoc, vietnam

Hello from Vietnam!
After a ridiculously long time flying we arrived at the sweetest Vietnam island where we are practically celebrities... Especially geoff! The people are so kind and interested in us. The island seems empty - very few tourists because it's the low season. We've had a few good down pours (it's pretty unreal) but all in all have had awesome weather.
We've spent the last 2 days scooting around the island, stopping when we see something worth a look (like a deserted beach or $.50 beer).
We are already in love with this country.

You'll have to excuse any errors in this message... I'm using my iPod touch!


Blyth Family Blog said...

What an amazing adventure! I cannot wait to see pics and hear all about it when you get home! Safe travels!!

Melissa Moore said...

Repeat of what Meghan said. Keep up the updates, have fun and be safe!!

Paul said...

How fun. We miss you both terribly and can't wait to hear of all your adventures. All well here - off to Whistler on Sunday! M and D