Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ho chi minh and bia hoi

Today has been an eventful, chaotic day here in Hanoi and I am beyond grateful for the air conditioning in our hotel :)
Hanoi is loud, dirty, vibrant and energetic. We spent most of our morning in the Ho Chi Minh (Anne.... Remember our history song??) mausoleum, which geoff loved since he teaches a lot about Vietnam. After a big bowl of Pho ( who wouldn't want soup in 110 degree heat) and some more exploring we cozied up to plastic chairs for some bia hoi, which is the worlds cheapest beer at about $.25 a mug.
It is unbelievably hot here in Hanoi and between the heat, motor bikes and horns we are looking forward to a few days on a beautiful junk around Halong Bay. For now we'll go find another one of those $.25 beers.


Tyler and Anne said...

My love - I usually read your blog through google reader and therefore never post a comment - but when you address a question to me by name I feel so loved that I come here to say hello. BTW - can't remember our song.

I've been liking all your updates. Sounds like you two are having a fantastic adventure - which is what you are always up for. Also, glad to know you are enjoying your .25 drinks while you can ...

Keep up the hard work. ;)

I love you!

BFF - Anne

Anonymous said...