Monday, March 15, 2010

Teatro ZinZanni

Geoff surprised me with the best little getaway for our 4 year dating anniversary! We went up to San Francisco on Saturday, enjoyed the city, did some costume shopping for the evening, and went to see Teatro ZinZanni! I highly recommend checking it out... it's a dinner theater show the kept us laughing and we even left full! The drinks were good (strong) and the company... couldn't have been better :-) We stayed the night at a hotel right near the Embarcadero which was really convenient to the show and the SF Pier. On Sunday we spent the entire day enjoying the city and met up with our friend, Nicole. (Another post on that later.)

What a great way to spend a weekend!


Cassandra said...

This is the cutest thing ever. Way to go Geoff!

Stephanie said...

Cute surprise! We went to Teatro ZinZanni up here in Seattle and it was definitely a fun show and they had good food.

Anonymous said...

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