Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy times!

There is all sorts of happy news these days. Obama is in the leads at the polls and it looks like Proposition 8 is not going to pass. (Who wouldn't agree that ALL people deserve the SAME fundamental rights?? For more info on Prop 8, click here.) There's also happy news on the family front... My sister Michelle and her love Shawn got engaged AND my brother Paul and his love Tamara got engaged! Yup, three Abo kids all engaged! It's so nice to share in such an exciting time with my siblings and to continue to build our family - the more love the better. Congrats Paul and Tamara and Michelle and Shawn - I know you'll enjoy this beautiful, love filled time as much as we are!


Cathy said...

Well, I hope your parents can make it through all this without having a I can't imagine planning 3 kids weddings all at one time..But,on the bright side, look at all the great memories they will have when all of these weddings are over.

paulandcarol said...

Two very happy parents here in Seattle can't stop smiling and we keep telling ourselves "It'll all work out". Now, out to buy two more wedding folders so someone doesn't end up with three cakes and someone else with two photograghers!

Anonymous said...


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