Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our weekend hike

(Yes, he's pretending to be caveman!)
On Sunday Geoff and I went on a hike with our friend Michelle. The weather was nice at our place, but once we drove a bit up Skyline the fog was in thick and it was freezing! The hike was pretty and it was nice to get some exercise outside, but the weather needed to be much nicer to be able to really enjoy the hike. The Poison Oak was out thick on the hike so we joked a bit about how we need to stay clear of it, especially since Geoff is prone to getting it. He even made a comment about it "jumping out" to get him. Well, it sure did! He woke up Monday morning with 3-4 patches of a rash, and since then it's spread to a few more areas! Poor guy! This is probably the 3rd time he's got poison oak and I've somehow stayed clear of it... it just really likes him!
Meanwhile, on the home front, Geoff's doped up on Benadryl so I was in charge of making dinner! Gasp! I know! I think I did okay though... I chose the easiest meal possible of sausages and a salad, and seemed to pull it off. I did ask him about 10 questions through the whole process. "Should I use oil?" "Is it okay if they are a little frozen still?" "Medium or High heat?" "How do I know when they are done?" I have completely lost ALL of my skills while being so spoiled by Geoff's cooking!
So, to my darling boyfriend, thanks for being my chef!


Barbara said...

Looking at the pic of Geoff, that bare branch in the foreground could be the poison oak that bit him...

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