Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun weekend

Friday night we had a BBQ at our place. Everyone had a great time, except the neighbors. They were upset because our BBQ smoke went into their place. When they came down to complain I let them know that we never complain when we hear them pee. Just kidding, I didn't say that... but I wanted to! Saturday we spent the day relaxing and getting ready for our friends, Bobby and Leslie's wedding. Bobby and Leslie are both special education teachers at Fremont High School and they are a very sweet couple. We couldn't be happier for them and we feel blessed to have been a part of their special day! Today is Mother's Day and since my mom is in Seattle and Geoff's mom is out of town, we didn't really celebrate. Sending love to all of the mom's out there... you are all fabulous role models for me when it's my turn to be a mom! Enjoy a few pics from the wedding.

The happy couple! The wedding was at a Golf Course in Gilroy. (I straightened my own hair! Impressive, huh!?!)
This one is after a long night dancing!!


Tyler and Anne said...

You are looking so thin, girl! Listen, I got your message about coming here... my goal and intention has been and always will be (until i get there) to come see YOU GUYS for a weekend... it is just hard to get away with three chains and a ball around my ankles! :) If you want to come here in the meantime my doors are always open and we would love to have you! We will be out of town the last weekend in June through the first two in July, but anytime early in June of late in August or Sept works. Let me know!

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