Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day

Geoff and I woke Eliana up around 8:15 because Santa came! (Yes, she sleeps in and yes, I realize my world will be rocked in two months.)

This year, Santa filled all of our stockings!  It was a relaxing morning with the three of us and the absolute sweetest thing to watch Eliana light up with each gift "it's from Santa?".  I can't wait to continue the tradition with all four of us next year!

After a little time with the three of us, we headed over to Geoff's mom's house for breakfast and gifts!  Eliana was spoiled with gifts, but most of all loved the family time with Grandpa, Grammy, Uncle Derek and Auntie Mo.

After nap at home, the excitement continued!  We headed over to Geoff's dad's house for Christmas dinner and believe it or not, MORE PRESENTS!  We had a relaxing and very enjoyable evening with Great Grandma Gloria, Grandpa Gary, Gramma Kathy & Dana.  They had a beautiful tree where Eliana spent lots of time dancing & showing off...

Kathy and Gary hit it out of the park with some great gifts for Eliana!  

 After a yummy dinner and dessert we went home and all crashed out after a very exciting two days!

Christmas is very special with a toddler... I think each year will be just as amazing.


Marianne said...

Awww, I love the family photo. You look fantastic and I love E's Christmas dress! I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas. But I can't believe she sleeps in that late.... you lucky, lucky mama!

Erin said...

Such great updates! I haven't been on here for a while. The Christmas pics are great - you all look fantastic. And I just love the midwife appointment update. super cute. Hope you continue to feel ok - I know what you mean about pregnancy with toddler. Not much rest, but you're doing great ... you're making it look easy :)

Anne said...

I love your blog and I love YOU! Looking forward to following your adventures with TWO. XOXO