Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grow baby, grow

Baby boy keeps growing, kicking and twirling!  At 24 weeks I've come to realize that the 2nd pregnancy just isn't as glamorous as the first.  All in all, I'm still enjoying the pregnancy and unbelievably happy to have a little one growing inside, but it's just a little bit more difficult this time! Between work, exercising and taking care of a toddler... there just isn't as much time to kick the feet up!
Eliana continues to be more of a "caretaker" everyday.  She rocks and shushes her babies, "mothers" her lovey, and is obsessed with all my friends babies.  Besides being slightly concerned she may totally smother baby boy, I KNOW she's going to be a really great sister and helper. :-)

24 weeks!

We try to take belly shots fairly often, and Eliana insists on being in all of them often saying "I'll hug baby brudder."

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Anne said...

Eliana has personality PLUS