Monday, January 14, 2013

20 (and a half!) months

Hard to believe my little baby is almost 21 months!  The other day at the park I was chatting with a mom while Eliana was playing with her son, and the little 4 year old boy said to his mom "Mommy, that baby can talk!" and his mom said "yes, son, she's almost 2 years old!" - Whaaaaaa? Almost TWO? 

New words: Way too many to list, but some of my favorites: Christmas Tree, Sunshine, Dripping, Persimmon, Drawing, Shower, Party, Hummus, Please & Thank you 

New sayings: So many... but again, some of my favorites: "I don't want to", "I do it", "Time-out" (seeing a pattern!?), "I love you" (Awwww!) "What's that mommy?", " up in the sky 'n far away", "I some" (I want some) "Where are youuuuu?" "I farted" (hmmm...)

Favorite activities: Talking on Facetime (her faves are Sitti/Giddi, Porter & Aunty Mo), opening and closing the blinds, drawing on her doodler, helping in the kitchen, taking showers with mommy or daddy, cleaning up spills/messes, singing (preferably "You Are My Sunshine" and "ABC's"), playing with her babies, doing summersaults. 

Naughtiest Moments: Major fits during diaper changes, taking toys away from other kids during play dates :(, insisting on having ALL of her babies and lovies in her hands at the same time (this is also kinda cute, I must say!)

Sweetest Moments: Saying "I love you" to mommy and daddy, inquiring about all the little things around her "what's that mommy?" 

Hanging out with mommy's dear childhood friend, Heidi!

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