Thursday, October 18, 2012

18 months!

Our sweet BABY turns one and a half years old next week! WOWZA! We are SO proud of Eliana it's unbelievable. She is learning so much and continues to amaze us with her understanding of what's happening around her and her growing vocab!

  New words: Star, Pillow, Blanket, Apple, Strawberry, Shoes, Mine (much to my dismay!), Hat, Truck, Up, Down, Baby, Stir, Dance... Oh and so many more!

  New sayings: "Wow", "Oh no", "Thank you", "I dunno" "Bless You" (This last one cracks me up, because we alway say "Saha" which is Arabic... she must have learned Bless You at daycare!)

  Favorite activities: Playing with cousin Kaira, Auntie Michelle and Auntie Mo. Going to Grandma's house and daycare! Trying on mom and dad's shoes, pushing her bus around outside, playing in "her" drawer in the kitchen, taking the trash in and out (yes, she's doing chores), dancing, playing catch with big balls.

  New Skills: Perfecting the use of her spoon, jumping, running, spinning, climbing ladders, taking off her shoes (not always at appropriate times...!)

  Naughtiest Moments: Playing "row, row, row your boat" on the oven handle, kicking the screen door to make the screen pop out

  Sweetest Moments: Lots of random hugs and kisses (yay for closed mouth kisses!), getting us a blanket and pillow and saying "nigh-night" when we lay down (anywhere, anytime!), saying "I dunno" while putting her hands up (and usually at appropriate times!).

                                                Playing with her buddy Brody at the park!


Melissa @ A Wide Line said...

What a little sweetie pie!

abofamily said...

Our sweet love xox

Anne said...

I cannot believe this post is yours. You have got a big girl on your hands, dee! Where has the time gone?! I love this post. Today I was just thin,king one up about Claire bear at 2!! Her bday is in two weeks.

So fun these girls are close in age. More so as they get older...

We shall share the joys of two year olds together. I miss u.