Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lazy blogger

I guess we all slack from time to time, huh!? The summer was so busy with our little one running around that I barely blogged at all. Now that I'm back to work and have more time (ha! funny how that works) I promise to be a better blogger. Oh, the other issue is that I have used almost all my free space that google will give me on this blog and I'm too damn cheap to buy more. Horrible, isn't it? I guess I'll buy myself a birthday present... (YES! It's my birthday! More on that later.) The two big things that I MUST update you on are the HOUSE and the WALKING baby. Yes, she started walking the first week of summer. I was working summer school and Geoff was daddy day care for the week and he made it his goal to get her to walk. See, she had been walking while holding our hand for a LONG time and we knew it was just about confidence at that point. So Geoff came up with the brilliant idea to hold on to one end of a stick and have Eliana hold on to the other... and then LET GO and she'd never guess a thing. It worked! I have some great video too. The HOUSE is really coming along! We plan to be moving in around Sept 15... keeping fingers crossed that everything goes as planned because we have given our 30 day notice. More pictures to come. I CANNOT believe we have owned this house since February and we are still not living there! Argh. I have definitely learned patience from all of this! Hope you haven't given up on me... :-)

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