Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby dilemma

Eliana is a PRO at rolling from her back to her stomach now. In fact, she usually only stays on her back for about 30 seconds before she flips herself over onto her stomach. This is where the problem begins. She's stuck. And tummy time is only fun for so long...

So the last two nights her cry has woken me up and I see her like this.

Now what, mom?

She CAN roll over from her stomach to her back, it's just not all that easy and usually takes lots of encouraging from mom and dad, and usually an enticing toy.

I'm hoping she learns quickly how to flip herself over, or (as I've heard from other moms) she gets comfy on her stomach and sleeps like that.

I know I love sleeping on my tummy - give it a try baby girl!

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