Friday, December 3, 2010

Maternity Jeans

OH MY GOODNESS! Yesterday I spent a good three hours at the mall and it was like learning how to walk again. So many new things to learn!

At nearly 20 weeks my regular jeans are just NOT working for me. The bella band and the rubber band move were cool for awhile (a very short while), but I'm sure my co-worker was sick of looking at my crack so I figured it was time to jump into the maternity jeans world. I had NO idea there were so many options! I walked away with one of everything for a few reasons - 1, it was 50% off at the Gap and 2, I have NO idea what is really going to work for me.

We have three types of panels to choose from ~

No Panel: These are meant to go under the belly. They don't have a visible panel, but the waistband is elastic and will stretch with your growing bump.

Full Panel: One thing I noticed is that Gap's Full Panel is MASSIVE, while Old Navy's Full Panel is not as long.

The Demi-Panel/ Under Belly Panel: Hugs the bottom of your belly. Kind of gives me a case of the muffin-top, but I think it might be nice not to have the big panel on my belly sometimes.

And then there is the CUT of the jean. All ladies know how many options out there for a cut of a jean - almost too many, but of course never the perfect one, right??

The other stress of yesterday's shopping extravaganza is that I really do not know how I'm going to grow from here on out, making it difficult to find just the right size. Obviously I know the belly is going to pop (which there will be plenty of room for with my new pants), but are my hips and butt going to follow suit or stay the size they are now? Hoping for the latter, obviously ;-)

Speaking of which, off to the gym now! Have a great weekend!


Blyth Family Blog said...

They also have the half panel that's only in the front, not in the back!! That was my fav, but I also did the smaller panel. I got all my mat jeans on ebay...there are tons of sites that sell designer jeans (hudson, rock n republic, citizens) for real cheaap, I got most of mine used & they worked out great! Just a little fyi for u!! Xo.

Savanna said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm due April 23rd!! I'm so excited to have a new blog friend to follow who's due at the same time as me! Looking forward to reading your posts!!


Melissa Moore said...

This post just made me smile!!! I can honestly say that I never quite found jeans that I loved when I was preggers, but I did find those full panels to be itchy. Oh so itchy!!! Keep us posted on how they all work out.

Paul said...

Hips and butt staying the same size as they are now??? Dream on my love..

Paul said...

BTW, post listed above is from Mom xoxo