Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is this your cat?

A few weeks ago this kitty adopted us... he was so thin and wanted love so bad!  He obviously is somebody's pet because he has a flee collar - but he appears to be lost and is trying hard to be "ours".  We recently began buying cat food and feeding the poor little guy, but we also posted signs in our neighborhood so little Suzy can have her cat back - but to no avail.  So, it's looking like we have a cat now!  We are trying to decide if we are going to allow him inside or just keep him an outdoor kitty - but he REALLY wants to come inside!  If Geoff had his way, this cat would probably sleep in our bed.  He is in love.

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Cortney Lyon said...

Haha! There is a cat with a crazy meow that hangs out in the yards of everyone on the street...I think it makes it's rounds every night and who knows how many people are really feeding it. It's pretty fat. I'm allergic to animals, so it is not coming in our house.